1 on 1 Elite Training

To achieve the greatest results, join HeFluence, The Second Chance Coach for 6 months and learn to biohack your body, improve your relationships, and skyrocket your business. 1-1 coaching includes a VIP day plus dedicated time to navigating grocery shopping, meal planning, and exercising.


Without a change today, the next 15 years are going to fly by. He-Fluence is here to help you balance health, relationships, and business so every year, you get better, stronger, and more successful.

In March of 2018, Michael rebranded his 25 plus year “brick and mortar” coaching business, Total Health Experience, to He-Fluence; a National virtual business. helping problem solve health, relationships, and/or businesses.  As God influences Michael through prayer and wisdom, he then helps “level up” lives by getting to “the root” of mediocracy.
Unto God be the glory


HeFluence, the Second Chance Coach 

The elite society for motivated men & women to “level up” in their health, relationships, and business.


Are you ready to have a stronger body, to be at the top of your game? Don't become the overweight, underwhelming CEO who is satisfied with mediocrity. Biohack your body and live your healthiest life.


Ready to feel clear, capable, and powerful in your relationships? Ready to be excited about how your family is growing? Learn how to show up for your family and lead with purpose.


Remember how your first day of work felt? When you were focused, driven, and motivated? What if every day could feel as powerful as that first? HeFluence, The Second Chance Coach  works to make that your reality, and move you toward even more financial success.

Improving Your Health

I can truly say that Mike’s protocol has been very effective in affording really, really busy guys like me a practical system to reverse my health and fitness vector. I’m feeling better than I have in many years and I’m seeing the net results in just about every area of my life – including more effectiveness in my business, my relationships (including my marriage and with my kids) and even my spiritual walk.

- Mark Harris -


Biohacking is the strategic process of changing your lifestyle so your unique biology can work better and you feel your best. Biohacking helps millions of people feel more energized, be more productive, and live their best lives.

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